Standing desk height extenders


Standing Desk Height Extenders

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Boost your iMovR standing desk height by 6" with a set of height extenders. Taller users require a taller work surface for proper ergonomics—these height extenders provide not only that, but the benefit of increased stability as well. Our height extenders are easy to install and will match the color of any iMovR base.

Height Extender Set:Set of 2 for Lander or Lander Lite Desk

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  • Adds 6" to Lander, Lander Lite, or Jaxson desks
  • Easy to install
  • Increases overall desk stability at every point along its adjustment range
  • Professional powder-coat finish to match the legs of your adjustable height desk unobtrusively

Reaching New Heights

At iMovR we are committed to accommodate users of all heights. We heard tall standing desk shoppers out there and came up with a practical solution for them. Why should taller people have to suffer worse ergonomics?

Desk Height Added Normal Height Range Height Range with Extenders
Lander, Lander L-Desk, Lander U-Desk 6" 23⅜″–49 29⅜″–55⅜″
Lander Lite Desk, Captain's Desk, Ensign's Desk 6" Single-Stage Base: 26.6″–46.75″
Dual-Stage Base: 23.25″–49.25″
Single-Stage Base: 32.6″–52.75″
Dual-Stage Base: 29.25″–55.25″
Jaxson Desk 6" Single-Stage Base: 26.9″–45.9″
Dual-Stage Base: 21.5″–47.6″
Single-Stage Base: 32.9″–51.9″
Dual-Stage Base: 27.5″–53.6″

All height ranges exclude tabletop.

These desk add-ons install easily between your desk’s feet and lifting legs, and shift the height adjustment range of your desk. Now virtually anyone can effectively and ergonomically use a treadmill desk (and definitely a standing desk) regardless of their height. And, don’t forget the increased stability—six more inches of height adjustment means a lot more overlapping leg segments no matter the height at which you set your desk.

Installation is simple. Adjust the desk to its lowest point, flip it upside down with a helper, and install the extenders between the desk foot and legs using four screws. Flip the table back on its feet, follow the enclosed instructions on how to reprogram your digital controller for the new height range, and you’re good to go!

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