underdesk mounted steel reinforcement plate for heavy duty monitor arms and heavy monitors


Under-Desk Steel Reinforcement Plate For Monitor Arms

Sale price $120.00 USD

Strengthen any desktop to better support heavy monitor arms with heavy displays using this underdesk-mounted 1/4"-thick steel plate.


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Added strength for heavy monitor arm setups.

  • Mounts underneath, along the back edge of your desktop to add structural strength to support today’s larger, heavier monitors when mounted to an edge-clamped monitor arm
  • Made from ¼”-thick, high-quality, powder-coated American steel
  • Optimally sized for the most popular standing desks, to maximize load distribution yet without running into the crossbar
  • Compatible with any edge-clamped ergonomic monitor arm
  • Lifetime Made-in-USA Warranty

Prevent Damage to Your Thin Desktop

With the advent of ever-larger panoramic monitors and all-in-one PCs, monitor arms have also had to get brawnier to lift them. For example, iMovR’s own groundbreaking EMMA electric monitor arm can lift a 150 lb array of monitors into the air. But is your standing desk’s work surface able to take the load when someone bumps into it with all that mass being supported by just a single edge clamp?

With 99% of the standing desks being sold online today being produced in China, and often made from cheaper materials like chipboard, low-quality MDF, or faux wood made by gluing thin strips of material together (e.g. bamboo, rubberwood), mounting expensive equipment onto a single edge-clamp monitor arm can risk the entire investment. That’s why we created this steel reinforcement plate, to distribute the load safely.

Easy to mount underneath any desktop

The three step installation process is easy:

  1. After removing everything from your desk and flipping it over, use the holes in the reinforcement plate as a guide for drilling pilot holes.
  2. (Recommended but not required) Apply Liquid Nails or other adhesive to the plate and place it down on the desktop with the screw holes aligned to the pilot holes.
  3. Use up to 11 flat-head wood screws of the proper length for your desktop to firmly secure the plate to the desktop.

It’s that simple.

Not required for iMovR ‘Select’ desktops

Even the 30 lb EMMA arm fully loaded with 150 lbs of displays does not require the reinforcement plate when mounted to any iMovR desktop that is 1.125”-thick (3D-laminate “Select”) or 1.25”-thick (solid wood). For iMovR “Slim” desktops that are 0.75” thick, the EMMA should not be used with more than one row of displays or more than 75 lbs of equipment. iMovR uses only the highest-quality, highest density American MDF in its 3D-laminated desktops.

Universal Design

The steel reinforcement plate was created for use with any brand of standing desk and monitor arm you may own, however, there may be desk frames or lifting bases that are not compatible. Please check for fit before ordering.

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