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Optimal Ergodynamics For All Three Working Modalities:
Sitting | Standing | Walking

Most adjustable keyboard trays cannot achieve more than −15° of keyboard tilt. When standing, without the benefit of chair armrests to support the user's forearms, −15º is not steep enough to achieve the most "neutral" and therefore most ergonomic position. This can lead to a variety of muscle and joint strains and can result in reduced typing speed, accuracy, and endurance.

iMovR manufactures sit-stand desks with keyboard trays built into the desktop using our proprietary SteadyType® design. Additionally, the SteadyType Exo is available for users who want a standing desk with a keyboard tray that's not already built into the desktop. The ergodynamic SteadyType design allows you to set the keyboard at literally any angle up to −85° (rubber bumpers prevent the keyboard from slipping.) A tilt angle of −20° or greater is what most users will find the most comfortable for typing while standing. For treadmill desk usage, angles of −25° to −40° achieve the greatest improvements in ergonomics and comfort and maximize typing speed, accuracy, and endurance.

SteadyType also provides unmatched stability when compared to ordinary keyboard trays. When standing or walking, a regular keyboard tray will bounce every keystroke, which reduces typing efficiency and accuracy. Using a SteadyType keyboard tray will result in higher typing speed and accuracy than on any other stand-up desk with a keyboard tray or treadmill desk with a keyboard tray.

A Truly Neutral Typing Angle

A neutral wrist position is achieved with a SteadyType keyboard tray.

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SteadyType Standing Desks

When you are looking for standing desks with keyboard trays, there's no better option than SteadyType standing desks from iMovR.

Built on our Freedom desk base, the Cascade Standing Desk is a competitive entry point into the world of SteadyType Standing desks. With an amazing array of tabletop sizes, 3D-laminate colors, and shapes—including corner models—the Cascade has all the configurability that iMovR is known for.

Lander Desks built with SteadyType, on the other hand, include our most advanced features, like the Bluetooth-enabled height-control paddle and ANSI/BIFMA certification. Lander Desks are available with solid wood tops and in L-shapes. All Lander Desks arrive 98% pre-assembled so you can get standing in minutes, no tools required.

SteadyType Treadmill Desks

Nowhere are the benefits of a SteadyType keyboard tray more evident than at a treadmill desk. The SteadyType system provides an unmatched ergonomic experience for typing while walking or standing. And it's superior stability means that it will not shake or wobble as you type, even with the added motion of walking. Being fully adjustable, it allows you to tilt your keyboard and achieve the most neutral hand, wrist, and arm position possible at a treadmill desk.

All of these desks have been paired with iMovR's groundbreaking ThermoTread GT walking treadmill—the world's first treadmill designed exclusively for the office. With whisper-quiet motors and a convenient desktop LCD touch-screen console, the ThermoTread integrates seamlessly into the work environment.

Our SteadyType treadmill desks make working while walking easy—as nature intended.

The SteadyType Exo

Do you already have a standing desk, but want to enjoy the benefits of SteadyType? Maybe you bought an iMovR desk, but now you want to add a treadmill and know you need SteadyType. Maybe you bought one of our competitors' desks or treadmill desks. Maybe you just want to upgrade your keyboard tray. No matter what your situation, the SteadyType Exo has you covered. Turn any sit-stand desk into a stand-up desk with a keyboard tray.

The SteadyType Exo perfectly fits virtually every standing desk model on the market and adds the ergonomic benefits and stability of SteadyType to whatever desk you install it on. It ships 100% pre-assembled and installs in just 30 seconds, no tools required.

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