SteadyType Desks

SteadyType Desks

Standing Desks with iMovR's tilting SteadyTypeⓇ Keyboard Tray. For the most comfortable and productive typing experience while standing. Includes the Cascade and Lander w/ SteadyType® models.

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Cascade Standing Desk

Cascade Standing Desk


Cascade Corner Standing Desk

Cascade Corner Standing Desk


iMovR Lander w/ SteadyType - Hero Shot

Lander Desk with SteadyType


Lander L-Desk with SteadyType - Front View

Lander L-Desk with SteadyType


Lander Desk w/ SteadyType - Solid Wood Top

Lander Desk with SteadyType - Solid Wood Top

SteadyType is iMovR's ergonomic innovation that allows you to type in a truly neutral position when standing or, when using a treadmill desk workstation, walking. The patented design is based on iMovR's years of ergonomic research on standing and walking computer users. 

Other standing desk manufacturers show photos of users standing at their desks with their elbows at a 90° angle, mistakenly relying on decades-old concepts of "neutral" sitting posture, where the user has their arms perched on arm rests. In reality, when standing, numerous muscles are engaged in fighting gravity to hold your arms up, creating excess tension in muscles and tendons from your fingertips all the way up to your neck and shoulders. This results in an earlier onset of fatigue and exposure to ergonomic injury. Not to mention reduced typing proficiency.

With SteadyType, you can adjust the steepness of the keyboard tray well beyond the typical 15º limit of most under-desk keyboard trays, to 30°, 40° or more. The steeper the keyboard angle, the more neutral your posture. You'll notice greater comfort, increased typing proficiency, and longer periods of working without fatigue. 

The other extraordinary benefit of SteadyType is, as the name implies, a rock steady desk. Adding an under-counter keyboard tray to a two-legged standing desk creates a large moment lever, often resulting in a very shaky experience. If your monitor is mounted on an LCD arm, this shakiness is amplified even more. SteadyType places your typing forces as close as possible to the centerline between the desk legs, for rock solid stability. More stability means fewer typing errors, faster typing speed, and no annoying monitor shake. Watch this video to see the difference.

The Omega desk models above are named such for the shape of the keyboard tray cut-out. This design creates an ergonomic arc around the user, bringing the mousing surface closer to the user and slightly higher than the keyboard so as to eliminate the upper arm movement that exacerbates ergonomic issues when reaching for a mouse on a standard desk. 

All of the desk models above are also available without SteadyType, but are instead pre-drilled for optional installation of our Stowaway Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

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