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iMovR to Debut New Office Treadmill Desk at NeoCon

May 29, 2015 – Bellevue, WA – iMovR, a pioneering manufacturer of office fitness products, will unveil its new ThermoTread GT treadmill desk system at the NeoCon office furniture show in Chicago. A product designed to fit seamlessly into any office, the ThermoTread GT Office Treadmill offers deskbound workers a superior combination of functionality and features at an affordable price.

Earlier treadmill desk models have all been retrofitted exercise treadmills with large footprints, noisy motors, and membrane keypad consoles betraying their origins in gym equipment. The ThermoTread GT represents a stark departure from this practice. This new office treadmill’s reduced footprint and low-profile walking deck, powerful but whisper-quiet motor, and digital interface make it uniquely well suited to the productive office environment.

Smartphone-like Desktop Console

The ThermoTread GT’s stylish yet compact desktop console is designed to be future-proof, with a touch-screen LCD display and remotely updatable software. Multiple users can set up their individual preferences for desk height and treadmill speeds, as well as switch from sitting to standing to walking modes with a single button press. The console allows for a “click-wrap” liability waiver to be accepted by users (similar to GPS navigation systems in cars) before the treadmill is powered on, satisfying legal concerns that employers or public facility operators may have around introducing treadmill desks in their organizations.

Cloud Connection Option

Also key to iMovR’s enterprise strategy is a new patent-pending device called the iMovR CloudStation™—not yet released—that will allow the ThermoTread GT (as well as competitors’ treadmill desks) to be connected real-time to the “Internet of Things.” Once connected to the cloud, usage data will be shareable with popular corporate wellness software platforms and personal quantification devices such as the FitBit. This accurate usage information can be used to run analytics on health and financial ROI on employers’ investments in sit-stand and walking workstations. Equipment diagnostics can also be transmitted, allowing for cost-effective preventive maintenance (e.g. deck lubrication) that will extend the life of the workstation by many years.

iMovR CEO Ron Wiener says, “Our aim is to see the adoption of active workstations go from its current niche state to massively-scalable deployment within large enterprise employers, by providing accurate ROI analysis that proves the value of investing in these active workstations and truly motivates employees to spend less time seated. While handing out free Fitbits to employees and reducing health care premiums for going to the gym are nice gestures, these measures are little more than ‘corporate wellness theater’ and relate more to what employees do when they’re not at work rather than when they’re chained to their desks or in endless meetings. We believe that US employers will ultimately follow the European model of accommodating sedentary office workers with active workstations for the sake of their health and productivity. These new technologies we’re unveiling today are just some of the tools we envision will enable employers to make this critical cultural shift smoothly.”

Built to Last

iMovR’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, Cole Dalton, explains, “We understand why the treadmill desk industry launched itself eight years ago with minimally re-skinned running treadmills, but the strain of pulling a dead weight along very slowly far exceeds the available torque on treadmills geared for running. We designed our entire drivetrain, starting with the brawny 3.0 HP motor, to have much higher torque at the typical 1.0 to 2.5 mph walking speeds of a desk user, and therefore a much longer component lifetime and lower power consumption profile than the competition’s treadmills.”

Pre-Order Availability

To create broad awareness of this “next-gen” office treadmill, iMovR has launched the ThermoTread GT on their website with “early bird” special pricing of $999. This limited time offer is $500 savings off the eventual regular retail purchase at $1,499 starting in September of 2015. The ThermoTread GT is expected to start shipping to customers on a first come, first served basis in October of 2015.

About iMovR

Bellevue, WA based iMovR is a Thermogenisis Group company, established to design best-in-class office fitness products like adjustable-height desks and tables, treadmill desks, and ergonomic accessories. The company can be reached at 888-208-6770 or 425-999-3550.