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Treadmill Desks

iMovR is pleased to offer the Unsit Office Treadmill by InMovement—the highest performance, quietest, safest, most ergonomic, and most stable under desk treadmill available today. By pairing the Unsit Office Treadmill to any of our fully customizable workstations (with an assortment of shapes, sizes, colors, and accessories to choose from), you can create a treadmill desk workstation that's exactly what you need. Include our proprietary SteadyType™ keyboard trays for the smoothest typing-while-walking experience, anywhere.



Under Desk Office Treadmill

Add an Unsit Office Treadmill to most iMovR standing desks to create an awesome treadmill desk. Compatible with all desks that have a 53" or wider desktop.

  • Quietest office treadmill base ever created
  • 50% more usable walking area than conventional rectangular treadmills
  • Ultra durable and reliable
  • Bluetooth sync to smartphone app


The Perfect Pairing

While you can pair an Unsit Office Treadmill with any standing desk that has at least 40″ of free space between the lifting columns, any iMovR desk model with a 53″-wide desktop or greater will be a perfect match. And with our Lander line you can accommodate the Unsit Office Treadmill side-by-side with a regular office chair for a classic "sit-stand-walk workstation," by choosing a desktop that is 83″, 89″, or 95″ wide.

The unique form factor of the Unsit under desk treadmill is 50% wider than any other walking treadmill. And it also features a shorter deck that takes up less room in your office. With a top speed of 2.0mph, the Unsit is a true "office treadmill," in no way related to cardio running treadmills, and that means the extra deck length is really an unnecessary waste. Instead, the extra width allows the user to more comfortable move around in front of their workstation without stepping into the side rails.

Another unique aspect of iMovR standing desks is our patented SteadyType Keyboard Tray, designed specifically for treadmill desk users. SteadyType improves the user's comfort when typing while walking, eliminates ergonomic injury potential, and restores the same typing accuracy and speed as when sitting or standing, all without inducing undue vibration into the desk from even the most aggressive keystrokes. SteadyType is available as a built-in option on the Lander, or as an add-on to any of our other desk models (and over 90% of other standup desks sold) with the SteadyType Exo. We offer 79 different surfaces on our SteadyType products to match our 79 desk finishes in 3D-laminate and solid wood.


Lander Line

Our American-made Lander Desks boast distinctive technology advancements and ease-of-use not found on any conventional standing desk—at any price.


Lander Lite Line

Made in the USA, Lander Lite Desks boast the same technology and ease-of-use as Lander Desks, but with "lighter" features and a lighter price.


Lander Lite Compact Desk

As low as $940.00

Lander Lite Desk

As low as $1,090.00

Jaxson Line

Proudly made in the USA, the Jaxson standing desk is distinctive in its underlying brushless motor technology, stylish decor options and exceptional price/performance.


Jaxson Unsit Treadmill Desk

As low as $3,694.00

Jaxson Compact Desk

As low as $760.00

Jaxson Corner Desk

As low as $1,360.00


Turn your treadmill desk into a well-equipped and longlasting sit-stand-walk workstation station with these handy accessories and maintenance products.


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