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How The Other Half Works, Revealed In One Graph

September 27, 2022

While Half Are Working Exclusively Remote or On-Site, The Fastest-Growing Half Are Working Hybrid

According to the most recent Gallup poll, the percentage of American full-time workers who have a remote-capable job and are working entirely remotely continues to trend downward (29% currently), while those working hybrid continue to rise (49% currently). Increasing more gradually are the number who are working exclusively on-site (currently 22%).

U.S. Employee Work Locations

These are clearly tectonic shifts affecting workers' lifestyles, commercial real estate and the housing market, commuter traffic, and yes, even the office furniture business. In the 2½ years since the pandemic lockdowns we’ve gone from 70% working exclusively from home to 70% working full-time or part-time back at the business office.

The Takeaway

As more companies decide to push for RTO (return to office), the persistent overriding trendline is an ever-growing percentage of employees that are balancing their time between the business office and the home office. As of Q3 '22, that represents the majority of American office workers.

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