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Reclaimed Wood Standing Desks

Using an innovative technique called embossed-in-register (EIR), these laminates are created with lifelike textures of ridges and grooves that echo the patterns of the grains they display. They faithfully reproduce the appearance and feel of reclaimed wood, without risking the potential for warping, cracking and decomposition of actual reclaimed wood. This technology was developed for customers who love the romantic, weathered look of reclaimed wood but don't want to deal with all the problems that can come with it.

In addition to the striking aesthetics and realistic textures, desktops made with reclaimed wood laminates enjoy all the same great advantages as our other 3D-laminated desktops. These desktops feature high impact, scratch, and stain resistance, making them more durable than traditional HPL surfaces. Unlike most, if not all, products made from actual reclaimed wood, iMovR products made with these laminates are covered under warranty. No exceptions or exclusions need to be made because of the uncertain nature of the material. The same 15-year warranty that covers all of iMovR's 3D-laminated desktops applies to our selection of reclaimed wood laminates.

Our Reclaimed Wood Options

Reclaimed Pine Cabin

Reclaimed Pine Cabin laminate realistically simulates old painted floorboards worn by wear.

Reclaimed Warehouse Oak

Reclaimed Warehouse Oak laminate realistically simulates old floor planks marred with scrapes, scuffs, and the remains of worn paint.

Reclaimed Victorian Gray

Reclaimed Victorian Gray realistically simulates an old butcher block by mixing different grain character in one layout, finished in a warm gray.


Lander Line

Our American-made Lander Desks boast distinctive technology advancements and ease-of-use not found on any conventional standing desk—at any price.


Lander Desk

As low as $1,380.00

Lander Desk with SteadyType

As low as $1,730.00

Lander Lite Line

Made in the USA, Lander Lite Desks boast the same technology and ease-of-use as Lander Desks, but with "lighter" features and a lighter price.


Lander Lite Compact Desk

As low as $940.00

Lander Lite Desk

As low as $1,090.00

Lander L-Desks and U-Desks

Perfect to maximize workspace in cubicles and office corners, these standing desks provide large desktops so you have plenty of room to work in multiple directions.


Lander L-Desk

As low as $2,400.00

Lander U-Desk

As low as $3,340.00

Jaxson Line

Proudly made in the USA, the Jaxson standing desk is distinctive in its underlying brushless motor technology, stylish decor options and exceptional price/performance.


Jaxson Compact Desk

As low as $760.00

Jaxson Desk

As low as $830.00

Jaxson Corner Desk

As low as $1,360.00

Standing Desk Storage Options

The Mobile File Cabinet improves on stand up desks everywhere by adding something virtually all of them lack: storage space. This compact file cabinet on casters glides easily to where you need it and is backed by a full-performance 5-year warranty.

The Premium Drawer (pictured) features a spacious compartment, perfect for your documents, writing implements, office supplies, laptop computer, small electronics, and other personal effects. And its solid, made-in-America construction gives it a whopping 50 lb. load capacity.

The ultra-sturdy Fly Deck Monitor Shelf is a stylish alternative to monitor arms that elevates your monitor(s) for reduced neck strain while standing.


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