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iMovR Testimonials

At iMovR we strive for more than just building a gorgeous custom standing desk, we hunger for the whole enchilada. We know that a great customer experience starts with the design of the product, but also touches everything from the quality of components and ease of assembly to the packaging design and technical support (in the rare event you’ll need it). 

50,000 Customer Accounts and Growing

Nothing warms our heart more than when one of our customers raves about their experience with iMovR. While we know some of our competitors sell 10x more desks than we do, to us it’s not a volume game. It’s about delighting each and every one of our customers with a top-quality, American-made product that they will love working at every day.

What It Takes

What iMovR does to ensure the best possible customer experience:

  • Have super-knowledgeable product experts available online to assist you with your purchase, morning til night, 7 days a week
  • Offer literally thousands of customization options on every desk model
  • Design the desks for truly easy assembly; most models require no toolbox at all
  • Provide 15-year, top-to-bottom warranties (including tops), and a 100-day return period
  • Independently test and certify the desks for ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 and Mayo Clinic NEAT™
  • Robotically test every desk before it ships to ensure an exceptionally high success rate of installation and exceptionally low field failure rate
  • Use only premium quality components in every part of the desk to minimize the odds you’ll ever need to call us for repair 

Customer Testimonials

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You iMovR. I received my desk, and set it up like a breeze (not too bad for a 69 year old)... You are lifesavers to my continued good health and working environment... Best customer support I've seen, comparable to Nordstrom... Everyone has been fantastic to work with. Thank you!

-Connie B.

Excellent experience. Ordering, customer service, shipping and delivery. Quality of the desk is exactly what I had hoped for. Highly recommend!

-Anita Brady

I couldn't be happier with the quality and functionality of the Lander Treadmill Desk. Ergonomically well-designed, with useful styling for keyboard and accessories. A high-quality treadmill that perfectly accompanies the desk I purchased. I couldn't be happier with the combination desk/treadmill provided by iMovR.

-Brian T.

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We rely more on word-of-mouth and repeat business, and less on colossal advertising campaigns to grow our business. We also know that most of our customers are very busy people, and don’t have a lot of spare time to leave reviews on their purchases. So if you’re already an iMovR desk user and haven’t yet left us your review, please help us by helping other shoppers by telling them about your experience. 

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