Impact of COVID-19 on iMovR Delivery Times

With most of our products, and our standing desks in particular being manufactured in the USA, we've been fortunate to have a lot fewer delays in our supply chain than our competitors who source their products from China. However, we still have some issues affecting some orders some of the time and we wish to set proper expectations with all of our customers. Delays of 1 to 10 business days versus our previously published delivery time promises during "normal times" are common at present

Please see the SHIPPING tab on any product listing on the iMovR site for any specific known delays, but in general there are three opportunities for delayed shipments right now:

1. Order processing times have increased as our business has more than tripled since COVID. This is true not just for iMovR but our many component suppliers. With the WFH trend increasing we are doing everything in our power, working seven days a week, to try and keep up with demand. Often times our own employees are WFH as well, of course, and sometimes things take a little bit longer than normal to get done. 

2. Manufacturing lead times on certain items, especially those that require multiple production and transportation steps (e.g. laser cutting, robotic assembly, painting, testing, packaging) can experience a single component shortage or staffing shortage anywhere along the line that can affect the timely availability of the final product. With our desk bases this has been happening on occasion resulting in one or two colors being temporarily out of stock while other colors might still be available. Again, this is the result of attempting to scale up to meet unprecedented demand while our downstream factories are dealing with staff shortages, subcomponent shortages and transportation delays of their own.

3. Transportation delays from our factory to the customer are common now due to unprecedented ecommerce volume and other transportation loads, as well as a nationwide shortage of both drivers and vehicles. Be it FedEx, UPS, CEVA or SAIA we have seen impacts across the country. These are difficult to predict as they affect different markets at different times. Fortunately as we head into summertime weather delays are less of an issue. 

Another consequence of COVID-19 on product delivery at this time is that freight carriers will no longer deliver inside customers' premises. This means our Room-of-Choice and White-Glove-Delivery freight upgrades are temporarily suspended. All shipments will be delivered to the threshold (i.e. "first dry location") or loading dock until further notice.  

Please note that we now have QuickShip options for both ZipDesk and Lander Desk lines, in the most popular colors and sizes. 

In addition to rapidly hiring and training additional staff members and deepening inventories of long-lead components in order to try and keep up with the demand we have opened up our hours of operation (live chat and phone) to 6am-9pm Pacific / 9am-midnight Eastern 

Bottom line: our dedicated employees are doing everything in their power to get our orders out as fast as possibly under the circumstances, but we beg your patience and understanding when we do encounter unanticipated delays from things beyond our control.