How to Set Up the iMovR Ergodynamics App

Step #1

Make sure your ZipDesk is set up, plugged in, and powered. 

Your desk came with a Bluetooth dongle that will be used to control your desk with the app so make sure that is installed as shown here:

Bluetooth Dongle

Step #2

Download the iOS version of the iMovr Ergodynamics App using the link or download directly from Apple's App Store.

Ergodynamics App

  • The Android version coming soon.

Step #3

Once downloaded, open your app and accept the Bluetooth permissions to be able to control your desk.

Once accepted, you will then be on the home screen, ready to connect to your desk. To do this, press the "Connect” icon connect icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the app.

Step 3 Screenshot

Step #4

Click on the “+” icon plus icon on the Discovered Device button.

If you have multiple desks, match the device ID to the number that is on the Bluetooth dongle.

click on the plus

Enter a name for your desk and press the save button.

Enter Name

Tap the control icon control icon (on the menu bar at the bottom of the app) to go back to the main page. You are now connected to your desk.

Marc's Desk

How to Use the iMovR Ergodynamics App

Adjust Your Desk Height

You can move your desk UP and DOWN by pressing and holding the up UP button or down DOWN button button .

Set Your Preset Heights

Move your desk to your desired position and tap the "+" icon Plus (+) iconto save your present setting and give that setting a name like sit, stand, or walk. Then Press “done” and your position will be saved.


Repeat this process for all of your desired desk heights. Now you can touch and hold your preset to move your desk to your saved height.

The app stores 6 memory positions. Tap the arrow button Arrow Button to see three additional height settings reserved for future features of this app, specifically for creating combo settings to command an electric monitor arm, office treadmill or other future iMovR Bluetooth-sync'd device together with your desk. Press the arrow button return arrow again to switch back to the first 3 settings.

The ZipDesk controller on the desk also has 3 memory positions - which are independent and separate from the 6 memories on the iMovr Ergodynamics App.

Touch and Go AUTO-DRIVE

You can move your desk to each preset height at the touch of a button. Tap the gear icon and switch your setting from “press and hold” to “touch and go”. Read through the safety disclaimer and agree to enable touch and go. Now you can raise and lower your desk to the preset height with one tap.



To interrupt AUTO-DRIVE at any time, press the STOP button, and the desk will stop moving.


Be sure to only operate your desk when it is fully visible and has no obstructions to the desk’s movement path

You are now on your way to the future of standing desks connected via Bluetooth.  Please check in periodically at the iMovr Ergodynamics App page to see what we are working on next for the connected office.  

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