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Conquest Rebate OfferTo claim your Conquest Rebate: Orders must be placed with an iMovR sales representative (call 888-208-6770 in the US, or 425-999-3550 in Canada and Europe).

All you need to provide is a photo of you or a co-worker at your non-iMovR product, to prove that you or your organization own it (or produce a purchase receipt in lieu of a photo). Note: iMovR retains the right to use any photos on our Hall of Conquests page or social media.

Rules: There is no limit to the number of units purchased using the Conquest Rebate. The Conquest Rebate cannot be combined with any other promotional discount offer, but it is the best deal you can get on a new iMovR product, regardless of volume. 

Qualifying brands include: Varidesk, Versadesk, Ergotron, Humanscale, VertDesk, Flexispot, Loctek, Ergo Desktop, StandSteady, Taotronics, Vivo, Autonomous, SmugDesk, DeskDoc, UpDesk, UpLift, StandStand, HealthPostures, Victor, Rocelco, Lorell, InMovement, RightAngle, ErgoTech, Ergotron, Humanscale, Winston, Adapt, Halter, Symmetry, Cooper, Fully, Lifespan, and more.


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